Healing Hands Massage Reiki & Creative Therapy
Healing Hands Massage Reiki & Creative Therapy

Ann Dickens Jiles, AA, LMT


has over 20 years of experience in Massage and Transformational Energywork, which is tailored to meet your specific needs.  She intuitively and compassionately knows how to to relieve her clients of stress, aches, pains and injuries.  Over the years, she has added continually to her knowledge and developed a wide variety of skills by which to give you an eclectic and satisfying massage.  As one of her new clients said to her recently, "I can tell that you really know what you are doing!"


There's No One Size Fits All here!  Each massage is customized by the information gets from her clients, each and every time they come in.  Some clients have been benefiting from her massage for the full 20 years!  She will adjust her techniques as needed, which include, but are not limited to, Swedish, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, PNF Stretching, Tapping, Physiotaping and the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of Cupping and Gua Sha.  She is very good about educating you about self-care as well, such as stretching, hot & cold therapy & exercises. 



1010 NW Harriman St,

Suite A
Bend, OR 97703

(corner of Greenwood)


541-383-8910 (landline)


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